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Re: Total knee replacement problems

Originally Posted by Jake1340 View Post
I had a TKR Sept 2011 and since then have had nothing but problems...My knee has never stopped swelling, even in the morning when I wake up it is swollen. By the end of the day it looks like a balloon. My knee gets almost like a “popping or clicking” sound when I move and it seems that is a common element now. The last part is pain behind the knee. After the surgery I found I couldn’t extend my leg out (lay it flat) without the outside rear part of my leg feeling like it was being ripped out. ...
The pain in the knee is bad enough I’m can’t help but limp, my knee is so swollen by the end of the day, I can’t do anything but get off it and the numbness is really worrying me. I have done everything my surgeon told me to do and everything the PT told me to. Nobody had been able to give me an answer about the pain, numbness or swelling and the hamstring appears to be a mystery. I’m hoping someone can help me with some answers.
Don't give up! Your surgeon was good, the hardware is good, but rehab isn't easy and has to hurt to help. I got the TKR after meniscus removal, numerous surgeries, a tibial osteotomy, a cartilage transplant, steroid shots, synvisc shots, and a custom brace over nearly 40 years, the last 2 in serious pain. I kept in good shape and my weight down, which helped me last as long as I did. When the surgeon did my TKR, he said he also removed lots of scar tissue, and saw significant damage from arthritis.

Since I started outpatient PT, I've spent at least two hours a day on my own, plus three hours a week with my PT, working on straightening and bending my knee. To be honest it has been very painful, barely bearable. I finally understand why my mother-in-law never recovered from her TKR. My PT told me that the knee would never get better if I didn't do enough exercising to keep gaining motion. Today I can say that while it still makes me cry sometimes, my pain is somewhat lessened, 6 weeks post TKR. I still have numbness and swelling, but the more I work the knee, hamstrings, etc., the better it's getting. Yes, my PT makes me cry but he has me to 98 degrees flexation and -4 degrees extension. Keeping the knee regularly iced and wrapped does help with the swelling; I am so glad I bought the DonJoy ice machine recommended on this forum, which makes icing neater and easier. I also take a pain med, which doesn't eliminate pain but does take the edge off.

Don't give up.