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Re: Rising PSA, need guidance on next move

RBK - I really appreciate your perspective.
In talking about surgery, i am waayyyy ahead of myself. I do that all the time, and i should not. My first job is to confirm if/that i need a biopsy, then after the biopsy i will have an idea of what, IF ANYTHING, i am dealing with.

As far as surgery goes, if it gets that far, i intend to educate myself as much as is humanly possible, and find the right guy, whichever treatment i would choose, that is, the right guy for me.
I think this is a very personal decision. My inclination, should i actually get diagnosed with PC, is to get it out of there and not screw around, rather than watchful waiting, active surviellance, radiation, or anything else, that leaves the cancer in there for a minute longer than it needs to be. But thats me. I understand that many cancers will never do harm, and i need to look at Gleason scores, and other facts. But like i said, i am not even close to having to make a decision just yet.
Again, i very much appreciate your perspective, as well as your and everyone elses interest in educating and helping me. This board has been invaluable to me over the last few days.
Even though its rising, my PSA being at 2.2 is not causing me to panic just yet (well, it did for a day or so, till i started reading) but it is causing me to be careful and attentive.
Tomorrow i meet with the Doc at Columbia, i am keeping my fingers crossed that he is one of those Docs who will actually give me the time to answer all my questions.
I'll update after i meet with him.