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Wink Re: Can someone help me figure out this mystery rash, please?

i started with somewhat the same thing on my right arm it started a itchy rash
i can only tell you all i did.the more i scratched the worse it got.after a bath one day they were full of pus a few,so i went to reg doc.i had it in my head paracites,scabies i freaked myone self out .1. a srong cream and a fungis was worse after 3 antibiotics and bacteria cream.nada

benedriyl cream,only showers.i sat in different chairs at home,oh,also calamine lotion and dried it enough for now.i have multiple sclerosis.doc feels allergy was what caused it.he wanted me to go to a skin doc.i can't afford it.
it's costing me an arm and leg in medical bills(lets hope it's not the rash right arm)

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