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Re: Heart palpitations, dizziness, anxiety

Hello Dreamcatcher,

I could have written the exact same post, except, I'm 48.

I felt pretty good about 2 weeks ago (at least as far as the anxiety/palpitations).

I spotted for a few days, but no real AF.

Now here I am back again with the palpitations. I've slowly started calendaring the symptoms to track for a pattern. So far, my guess is it's due to a drop in estrogen.

This time around I'm having a killer headache as well. ugh

I went through the whole echocardiogram/EKG stuff and nothing abnormal was found. It helped put my mind at ease, but still, I feel the same way you do - especially when I see a TV commercial for fibrillation drugs!!

Anyway, what I wanted to suggest, since you are in Japan and don't feel you have as many options - was to suggest acupuncture. (I realize it originates in China, but I'm thinking it's pretty popular in Japan??)

I've been thinking about acupuncture. I underwent it for a year while I was trying to get pregnant. It definitely helped. However, the acupuncturist (female) I love is 35 miles away!! ;(

I'm not feeling well at all today, so I can relate. I felt like I was going to hyperventilate in my workout class this morning. Hey, but at least I went. Hopefully, that will help me sleep well tonight.

And yes, this makes me feel crazy. Not to mention the weight gain. I feel like DH doesn't believe how the hormones/lack of hormones are effecting me. Also, when I went to the doc re palpitations, I NEVER got an answer - even when I (embarrassingly) told him I thought I was menopausal. I was at my gyno and mentioned the heart palpitations - she confirmed "some" women have them. Also, I had a blood test which confirmed I was peri-menopausal. That confirmed, at least for me, that this wasn't all in my head!! ;O

Sorry I'm not making much sense, but my brain is mush right now. Again, check out acupuncture. My acupuncturist also gave me herbs (including a gross tea I had to make), but in the end, it was successful and I felt great. I did not have a headache for a WHOLE year.


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