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Penetration and Underwear

I'm going to be as detailed as possible. Since, it will provide more accurate results. My boyfriend and I were fooling around. We ended up in just our undergarments. He started to penetrate me WHILE wearing underwear. I know for a fact that there was precum, because I pointed it out that he had a wet spot on his boxers. He peed right before we messed around, but I still wanted to check if it was possible to be pregnant. He didn't put his member all the way in me. He didn't even have him half way in there. Is it possible for the precum to contain enough sperm to swim up and create a child? When we did this again, we came to a decision to put a condom on his penis, just to be safe. How big of a risk of becoming pregnant is there ? And is two pairs of underwear porous enough to allow the limited amount of sperm access to my vagina?

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