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Re: Neuropathy Treatment

Originally Posted by gpk17042 View Post
My neuropathy is caused by SLE/Prednisone and subsequent connective tissue/blood vessel deterioration. After some research here and elsewhere, I've realized that my all natural food based vitamins may be giving me too much B6. Because of time constraints, I was only pouring my daily prescription meds and my fish oil. This went on for over a week and then I noticed my foot pain was drastically reduced. I could tolerate walking barefoot!

I think I am on to something... I will add back only their natural multi-vitamin. It is said to contain all known and unknown vitamins. Everytime a new vitamin is discovered, they already find it in this product.
Hi, can I ask what type of foot pain you go through? My neuropathy is in my feet and legs. My feet have pain mainly on my arches and sides of feet. Hard to tolerate shoes on for very long. Feels like open sores on sides of feet and archers hurt so much, I can't stand walking for very long. I also get a lot of cramping. My legs are an entire different issue with all types of different pain. Is that what you experience in your feet?

My neuoropathy is due to my MS but neurologist hasn't said anything about it. So don't know whay type or what it is all about. My pain specialist just told me it is progressive. Trying to research this but have not found a site that really explains much.

I do take methyl b-12's when I can remember to. Was taking a separate B6 but haven't done so in a long time. When I take vitamins during the week, make sure to take the B-12's along with a mega B and take D3 and fish oils. Plus, vitamin c's.

Haven't felt any difference but maybe because I am not really consistant.

What vitamin's are you talking about that helps you?