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Re: the urge is almost unbearable

unfortunatly, my family would recommend that I either see another doctore or not worry since so many family members ar in the health field that could help take care of me if necessry . They have added to the basic holiday strain that we are moving my grandmother from her home of the last 30 year in to assisted living over the holiday weekend. The idea being that several of us will be home and that this way she cant change her mind. It is sad that I have an understanding with my pcp that he gives me a scrip from xanax each year just to get me though the holiday, but with just barely coming out of what has been a truly serious depresson the past few months and still getting new meds regulated with pdoc how do I explain to them that the only way I truly believe I can get through this period at least the next three weeks is to give me a way to escape into my head. I doubt they will give me anything that allows that but meds that would let me completely fuzz them out.

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