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Re: Racz procedure??

Originally Posted by Strike554 View Post
gmak and teter,
My surgeon doesnt give two craps about me. I can tell. He just shrugs off the fact Im in pain bc my mri doesnt show any problems. It may not be scar tissue. All of my docs at first completely threw that theory out. They only then acknowledged it after pt, stretching etc didnt work.
I dont know what to do. Im at my whits end. I just cant give up. I am trying to stay strong.
Hey strike, You are strong! I think its just a matter of communication and time. When you have pain we dont want to wait for clarification or for another appointment so that we can get our questions answered & procedures explained. Thats all that you need to do or can do @ this time as i understand this situ.. Write all your questions down about exactly what the procedure is. Your drs dont know exactly whats wrong but its a step by step process. Thats what informed consent is. They cannot proceed until you sign on dotted line and you dont sign until you are & feel informed. This may take longer than they like, but its your body! So what if you need 2 or 3 different dr opinions to feel informed. Even when informed and understand the procedure you may or may not want it done or the drs may recommend something that makes more sense to you. They say this is our offer you say no dice or great idea. I keep thinking of people that have muscle spasms so bad it pulls the bone over just a fraction & now touches nerve. The dr trys
muscle relaxers, NSAIDS & person doesnt get better. These people would get offered the big back surgeries of the past and take the offer. Who can say if the very next bottle of muscle relaxers would have worked! Get all the info, then decide. Decide informed though. So, thats why we are all here. To learn,support others decisions, you need a little more assurance of whats wrong. i.e. can epidural fibrosis touching a nerve cause the pain im having? Does this procedure pros & cons make sense to me, does it add up? Imo, time, information, patience, & drs dont want to wait sometimes. Some can be my way or the highway. Informed consent for a procedure means that they cant do any thing unless you agree & understand. Please dont let anyone make up your mind. So, get what you need to decide, try not to get upset, you may even need another opinion, but stay as level headed as possible so that you can make an informed choice.Meanwhile, we are here for you. This is just what i think, you will know. Please update on whats happening, thanks.

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