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Re: Vestibular Neritis success stories 2

Originally Posted by Teetime01 View Post
Hello All,

Has anyone had an appointment with a neuro-otologist?

I'm 5 months into this and had a great last month...I thought this was over. I had a relapse and have been struggling this past week with ear pressure, headaches and vague lightheadedness. The ENT and neurologist said all the test results were normal and I was fine, yet I'm still having symptoms.

I need to find a doctor who has a clue. I feel like I've lost 5 months of my life and have taken steps backward in the past week.

Thanks all and wishing you a good week!
Sorry to hear about your relapse.

AFAIK, getting a Neuro-otologist appointment is not that quick, as the healthcare provider has to refer the patient to a ENT and then ENT to a specialised Neuro-otologist. And neuro-otologists are very very busy, and sometimes they are away for weeks for conferences or whatever. That's what happened to me anyway.

I wanted to get this dizziness thing stopped right in its tracks asap, so I paid out of my pocket and went to an non-local internationally renowned neuro-otologist and got the treatment. So far, so good.