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Re: Feeling Dizzy, Post Gallbladder Removal

Ever since I started having problems with my GB I have nausea every morning. Before and after surg. Its been about 2 years of this so now its a part of my daily routine. At first I thought I was pregnant when it started. But month after month my period would come and tests negative. I then started having GB issues that would put me down. After my surg I still have morning sickness. I have to wake up an hour before I start getting ready. I have enough timre to potty and get to the couch before it hits too bad. I never vomit and I have tried Zofran, Phenegran, and daily meds ie Zegrid, Priolsec. Nothing has ever helped with it. In fact some made things worse. So I just wake up at 5am to get ready at 6am. I lay on the couch watching a movie or whatever I happen to be into on Netflix at that moment. As for the appetite loss afer surg yes. I lost close to 30lbs (I could still stand to lose a few more) Everyone I talked to said they never heard of it. As I stated before its been a little over a year and I have finally started to get my regular appetite back. Some people can bounce right back but from the stories I have read thats not the norm. Be patient with your body and it may take some time.