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Initial MS Diagnosis/MRI question

I am 62 and 2 months ago I began to have MS symptoms: tingling in legs from the knees down. By the time I saw a neuro the tingling began in my arms from the elbows down. Dr. was careful not to diagnose MS but felt that was probably my problem. I have little sensation in my feet. Right after my nero appt. I went downhill so fast it scared me. Numbness in my face and lips, fatigue, aversion to heat, much weakness in my legs and most recently blurry vision. I had/have to wait 6 weeks for my second appt. (which will be in 2 weeks). I called my Dr. at least 3 times during those episodes and could not get someone to call me back. Finally I got a call but they could not find an opening for me before my appt. Waiting 6 weeks is ridiculous! I feel as though I have lost ground in not being able to see the dr sooner. However, I have had MRI's of my brain and cervical area, all negative. There was one small lesion in the brain which the MRI study dr. thought was inconsequential. My blood tests, so far, have ruled out lupus, sjogren's disease and Lyme. ( am not medically trained but I could read the results of these tests easily) I am also keeping careful tract of my symptoms.

I went to my GP but he was reluctant to give me a steroid treatment before my neruo appt. since my tests so far are all negative.

Question is: The neuro dr.wants to do an EMG (been there; done that...hateful things!) and a possible spinal tap. I need to know how an EMG or spinal tap are going to help diagnose MS, and if they do, will this be the final puzzle piece. I am especially against having a spinal tap. Please, I know I am at the very beginning of a dx, but I want to know what test helped others to get their dx. Is an EMG necessary? Is a spinal tap necessary?

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