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Re: Initial MS Diagnosis/MRI question

Thanks, Jayhawk. I appreciate your reply. I am just concerned that it will take another 6 weeks for another test, then another 6 weeks to get the results and so on and so on. My neuro is not a specialist but says he has diagnosed people in their 60's before and that, if I have MS, I've probably have had it for a long time and it is just now manifesting. I can look back and see where I had certain symptoms but dismissed them as "getting old". I had foot drop and EMG and MRI back in 2000 but tests came back "inconclusive". It went away. About 6-7 months ago, I had allodynia (feels like the third day of a very bad sunburn) on my back and down my arm. It went away and I didn't do anything about it. I'm not the type to run to a dr. for a runny nose. The numbness in my feet I thought was just a result of bad circulation since I couldn't feel it after I was awake and walking around. As I write this, my eyes are blurry for the 5th day...and still I have to wait until the 21st for my drs. appt.

Would it be unethical to make an appt.with a specialist while I'm waiting for my 21st appt. You know how long it takes to get an appt. with any specialist! Or should I just wait on my neuro and see what he says about my recent (negative) tests? I guess I am just thinking out loud but would appreciate your reply. I visited my GP yesterday and asked for a steroid to get me through to my appt. (plus I am going away for the weekend and wanted something to stem the blurriness and weak legs). But because all of my tests so far are negative, he was reluctant. I understood that my neuro must be the one giving me meds. However, he did give me a script for Ambien and offered to call my neuro and talk with him about my rapid progression. I appreciated that he is advocating for me. Perhaps I will nothave to wait 6 weeks between appts. next time.

Sorry, I guess I am really ragging,but I have no one else to talk to about this who won't get upset listening. We mothers keep all the bad news to ourselves so that no one else gets hurt/upset. Thanks for listening.