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Re: lamictal and flattening out

I have been on Lamactil on and off for about 6 years. I say on and off because the Doc puts me on and I feel better so..I take me off. Stupid I know but its a terrible cycle. I did experience what you call "flattening out" every time I am on it for over 3 months. Yes it does stabilize and control the mood but Blah isn't my favourite mood. Like Rangam, my favourite mood is manic. I am upbeat, energized and very sociable. I get things done (some times in circles) but I am not a lump on the couch with no motivation to do much of anythng. The biggest problem with the manic is my super sex drive I get. That gets a little out of control so I take the Lamactil as my Doc asks me to. Unfortunately with my ultimate wisdom of self controlling medication I have lost 2 wives and many girlfriends. Hurtful casualties in this wonderful condition we all share. My dose is only 100mg a day as my body reacts real well to it I reckon and its a compromise with the Doc. He wants me to take 200. I guess at this point he is happy I take it at all. Oh boy. When I was first diagnosed I think they tried every pill known to man to help and finally settled with Lamactil. Its the only thing that did anything. Some of the other meds just made me stare and drool out the window. Some did little to nothing at all. Not good memories I tell ya. But like you, I wish things were different but I accept this is the way things are and I must make the best out of it. Haven't been suicidal for over a year now so I am doing OK. I still flirt with the idea my brain will just one day snap out of it and I go back to normal. Whatever normal is.