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I have ROCD.. It used to be much worse until I went to my therapist. She taught me how to distance my real thoughts from my OCD thoughts and this has helped A LOT. It used to be much worse... I used to be like you too. Wake up with anxiety.. go to bed with it. It is hell. But it will get better. While you may never fully get over your ROCD, but you will learn how to deal with it better and have it not tear you apart. I have. I've accepted this. I totally agree with you on the "hang in there" that's exactly what we all have to do.... Hang in there. Because it does get better. Your brain is just playing games with you and you always have to acknowledge that. NEVER FORGET! Just because you fight, or he annoys you, or doesn't pick up his trash for goodness sake doesn't mean you're not in love with him! Just because you don't feel "love" in that moment, doesn't mean all of the sudden you can't be with this person. Even if this continues for months, it's still OCD. It can go on for a while before it dies down, but remember it will. I'm actually doing a lot better. I see you mentioned the intimacy issues. I myself feel like I'm having these right now. I guess it's my new "doubting" trigger. I've never been able to climax from making love. I still can't, and nearly every time he's done I get upset because I can't bring myself to. I really hate it, but I try to look past it. I read somewhere that if you can't, just work on the joy it brings you to get him there. You can very well enjoy it without going. Just try to silence your thoughts and enjoy everything you can. I hope I helped you! <edit>

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