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Re: Initial MS Diagnosis/MRI question

Dear Jayhawk, thank you yet again. I have learned more from your replies than any website I have traveled to. I will keep all that you said seriously in mind. I think that the best thing I can do is get rid of the caffeine and see how that effects me...or not. I'm sure I'll have withdrawal symptoms first...headaches and fatigue. I'll try herbal tea to try and fool my subconscience. And then someone will have to tie me down so that I don't go to WaWa for their coffee that I love.

As for stretching...what a fantastic hint! I have read that seniors should stretch to maintain flexibility and now I have even more reason to do it. Not that I'm much of a senior (denial). I was a cheerleader mumble, mumble years ago...and understand the importance of stretching before vigorous physical least those were the days when cheerleading was physically challenging and we woke up the next morning sore all over.

I understand your explanation of redlines and I guess I will have to begin to recognize mine. I have already seen that when I have good days and try to do as much house cleaning as possible then, I seem to pay for it the next day. I've always said that I have too much "Martha" in me and not enough "Mary". Things have to change.

Thanks again. I will reread your posts over and over for encouragement and good advice. Have a very happy Thanksgiving. May God bless you and your family.