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Re: c1 c2 fusion headaches normal?

I had os odontoidieum which is a birth defect for me. It caused me to have c1 c2 instability with cervical stenosis. I put it off for years until I started to get neurological symptoms...then that is what convinced me to do it. What were your symptoms that caused you to go through surgery? I know it was a big decision. I wish I had the dis-solvable sutures because the staples were hard to sleep with. My Doctor didn't tell me anything about the numbness. I am completely numb in the same areas you are. I just can't believe it could be permanent and my Doctor didn't even mention it. Being in the brace is a challenge. Which brace are you in? I am in the Miami J brace, but I also have the Aspen just to switch things up. I am 40 and I live in Washington. How about you? Is there anyone that can walk with you. I have someone that comes and walks with me. I couldn't go far at all, but I am working up to it. It does make you feel better to walk outside. Things are going to get better, it only takes time. Keep your head up, I know how this can get you down.

@steveemed I am aware of Bow Hunter's, but I didn't know how rare it is. Do you get symptoms every time you turn your head? Or what symptoms do you get?