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first post- Do I have a prostate problem? help

first post guys. had eppididimytis fir about 4 months; nothing real painful but a slight tingling ache that seems to remind me of the problem. i do not have an std or any other bacteria after numerous urine tests. i guess they call this chemical?
anyway, my left testicle is twice the size as my right and i can feel the eppididimus ; its hard and obviously swollen. good news is it has seemed to of subsided somewhat. i did have 3 ultra sounds and all showed eppididimytis as well as hydrocele. my big problem is this: i urinate alot. i guess the sensation in the testicle gives me a sensation to urinate. i sometimes go every hour and it drives me nuts then i dwell on it and its worse. stream is pretty strong accept when i go too much, it sprays.
my psa is 0.6 and dont have any real enlargement in prostate. they say its normal for my age (45), but at the very start of its next growth phase( whatever) that means. i sometimes feel a dull sensation at the very base of my penis .in other words, if i touch in between my testes and poke my scrotum, i feel some irritation. it feels as if my urethra is a bit irritated, also if i start urinating alot, my stream kind of splits and even sprays. if i pee evry 3 hours, its much stronger. i do wake up sometimes to urinate because of the slight pressure i feel at the base of my penis by the perinium. my doc says it could be prostatis and even gave me a prostate message. although the message was uncomfortable, it didnt hurt and no discharge came out.
i am taking bactrim twice per day. does this sound like prostatis?
also, the frequent urination intensifies the day after i have sex/ ejaculate. there is no pain while urinating or ejaculating; just a dull tingling feeling in my perinium at the base of the penis.
lastly, sometimes when i urinate, i feel that i can just stand and pee all day. very strange even though my bladder emptied. wondering if its in my head. i do know i was real worried i had an enlarged prostate. i worried because i am only 45 and in very goid shape. the worry was if my prostate is enlarged now, it will be the size of a watermellon in 10 years and i will need some sort of surgery. i am getting a bit depressed and also worry my eppidiimytis may never go away and i will always have urges to frequently urinate. getting depressed about the whole situation. by the way, i dont smoke, drink, do drugs, and i am in good shape.

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