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burning and numbness for more then 20 years


I am 43 years old mother of 2 girls.
I have a medical problem and I am looking for an answer.
Since I remember I have this burning pain in the left site of my body. This include left leg, lower abdomen, left upper back, left arm, left neck, and a WHOLE face this include my tongue also. Sometimes this burning pain is minimal and sometimes when I feel a sharp and a burning pain in my left lower abdomen then the burning become more intense. Burning pain is unbelievable and then I feel numbness in the left site of my body. When this happens I feel that my right lower leg is burning too. Then I feel "tight sensation" like I am wearing very tight socks up to my calfs in both lower legs. I feel sharp pain in my left heel, left pointing finger, left upper back, and my tongue. I have also a blurring vision. This burning pain can last for 2 months and up to year or two years. Then slowly is slowing down. Then stops and I feel fine for couple of months and then is coming back and starts again from the left low abdomen.
Last 2 years I did not have this burning and numbness pain until, a month ago when I went to YMCA for a swimming class. This was my 6th swimming class. During this class I was trying not to sink in the water and then my burning started again. The burning on the left side of my body and my whole face including my tongue. I couldn't swim, my left leg was so weak that I was swimming in a circle. Since then I have burning, numbness, and stiffness.
I had 6 MRIs of my brain and neck and they are fine. All blood works are good too. My neurologist for the past 15 years try to find an answer for me. I was trying different kind of medications and nothing work. For the past 4 years I am taking Paxil 25 CR one before bed and doesn't help.
I am looking for an answer.
May someone help me please?

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