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Re: c1 c2 fusion headaches normal?

Steve, I read about it and it seems like people with your condition find out when they are really young. Did you just find out about this? Can I ask how old you are? Also did you see several surgeons for different opinions? I went to about 4 or 5 surgeons until I found one that I felt comfortable with and that was willing to just do my c1 and c2 only. There were others that wanted to fuse all the way to my occiput and that would have been a lot more harder to recover from.

I'm in my mid 30's and I was fine growing up up until a year ago when I started having neck pain. I went to see several doctors and they all said I was fine and to seek physical therapy. Well that was just made things a lot worse. Everytime I saw a doctor they would say physical therapy would help, but after 3 physcial therapist and 5 doctors in a year the 6th doctor finally figured it out by a simple xray. By that time I could hardly move my neck and the pain had gone to my head. My walking was off and I couldn't hold my head up straight. So then after that I saw several surgeons to find the right one. And here I am. I go back in 2 weeks for my 1st xray to see if I fused. I hope so! I have an Aspen I wear and a Pacific collar to sleep in. I also am taking forteo to help with the fusion and my really low bone density.