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Re: Neuropathy Treatment

I hope my information is helpful...

Concerning my foot pain, it is a burning sensation and actually somewhat numb at the same time. I also get shooting needlelike pains that go through my toes. It is as if someone is taking a long needle and pushing it from side to side going through all the toes at the same time. Sometimes I also have heel pain that is like someone is pushing really hard on the side of my heel and that is very painful. Sometimes I try to distract myself from that pain by rubbing my foot. As far as the foot pains goes though distracting maneuvers don't really work.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I am now doing well with the foot pain as it is quite minimal at this time. As I noted then, I believe that I was overdosing myself with vitamin B6. I have it on good authority from a neurologist who works with a family member that a dose of B6, 50 mg a day is all that is really needed and this is what he prescribes for people with neuropathy who are B6 deficient.

There are a few things I do nutritionally that I think make a difference. Number one is the fish oil that I mentioned in previous post. I take 9, 1g capsules a day, each capsule gives me 300 mg of EPA for total 2.7 g of EPA each day. EPA is linked to the anti-inflammatory effect. I know of some who take 10g of EPA daily. Fish oil contains particular prostaglandins that are anti-inflammatory. This anti-inflammatory quality helps fight the inflammatory nature of my Lupus. Specifically, I started taking the fish oil to help protect my transplant kidney from the inflammatory effects of the Lupus. It turns out that I get a general anti-inflammatory protection that seems to be beneficial for my neuropathy. In addition to the fish oil I take two other nutritional supplements that are considered anti-inflammatory depending on the sources you read. The first of these two is digestive enzymes in the second is a probiotic formula.

As far as what might help you with these products, you can buy them at GNC or even a Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart sells an enteric-coated fish oil that has no fishy aftertaste because it digest in the small intestine and not the stomach. As far as the digestive enzymes and the probiotic are concerned, buy broad-spectrum formulas that have the widest range of helpful bacteria and digestive enzymes.

As I am sure you know, MS is an inflammatory disease so it seems helpful if you can get on anti-inflammatory regimen. I am also sure you know that brain function is variable with MS so I am not surprised that you do not remember to take your supplements.

If possible have a friend remind you to take them or put them in an area where you will see them as you go about daily routine. Try to take them with food. You mentioned mega B. that is one thing I would avoid as I think most of those vitamins are wasted. A 50 mg B. complex formula, 1 tablet taken with each meal is probably adequate to supply your needs and not have you spend more money than necessary.
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