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Unhappy Can someone Please Help with some answers

I have hashimotto's.

I am now on 100mg of Thyroxine!

Prior to going on that my T4 and T3 are in the lowest range of normal (infact 1 over normal)

TSH is at 4 now.

They tell me to come back in 12 months? with nodules on one side that take up my whole side of my neck and the other side they say if hyper still?

I am beginning to believe that it is easier for the Doctors not to treat and then they cant get in to trouble.

I have spent the last 6 weeks so tired I can hardly stay awake during the day let alone wake up in the morning.

Can anyone help me what should be happening or not - I know T3 and T4 should not be that low - My pharmacist said to me today that he thinks that (i cant remember) my t3 or t4 is blockeing the other and causing major issues.

My marriage is nearly destroyed - I cant even speak nicely to my family!!!!

None of the symptoms are menopause - well and truly over that, according to the blood tests>

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