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Acute Prostatitis --> Chronic Prostatitis?


About three weeks ago, I was sitting all day at work (and not drinking enough water), and I was stricken but sudden SEVERE shakes, chills, and lower back pain. Almost felt like a seizure. I barely made it to my car, got home, and covered myself with blankets and lay in front of the fireplace all night. I felt a bit better the next day and got on with life with nothing more than a residual sick smell in nose and touch of fatigue / nausea. I thought at the time it was a vial infection as my kids had been sick. I think now it was a case of acute prostatitis.

Anyways since then I have had mild symptoms as follows:
1. Very slight burning in urethra sometimes, not when urinating, but after for a bit.
2. Slight pressure in bladder area but this could be due to drinking more water to flush things out
3. Tenderness in right groin lymph nodes (I had thought this was post thrombotic syndrome from an old DVT)
4. Mild ache in testicle.
5. Very occasional slight ache in perineum
6. Frequent urination - but this could be due to drinking tons of water to flush things out

So all of these are very minor almost unnoticeable but I can be a bit of a hypochondria so I want to be sure. My doctor originally said it was just after effects of the viral infection. When went back they did urine which came back negative but they were looking for UTI. I went back a third time and suggested prostatitis so she put me on Cipro for 10 days and I am 1 day in but feel the same.

So my questions are:
Does this sound like prostatitis?
Do u think that initial attack was acute prostatitis?
Could the acute prostatitis cause these mild symptoms? Maybe triggered chronic prostatitis?
How long til Cypro starts working?


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