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Re: My friend making bad decisions with her 15yo daughter

I absolutely agree that the mother is in denial. K has even said that everytime she talks to her mom, mom bursts out in tears and she doesn't want to make her sad. The father is around, married to my friend and is a good, involved father. They have pretty much turned this over to the therapist. They leave it to the therapist to talk about coach also.
Coach is very, very controlling with K. Gets mad at K for things like liking a boy that she doesn't think K should like. My friend just trusts K. Period. If K says everything is fine, it's fine. I know that teenagers lie, a lot. My friend told me yesterday that K ate a whole bowl of grapes.... She was so excited!! Grapes are nothing more than water and that's pretty much all she eats, my friend said she looks good, not too skinny, she says she's not cutting, so all's well. I just can't step on her toes and do anything behind my friends back. The coach does know about all the issues and offers to go to the therapist with, no thanks!!! She is trying to control K and she seems to be doing a good job. My friend doesn't like it but she's not willing to do anything about it. My friend saw coach driving and said she drives like a maniac, way too fast and peels wheels around town.... She drives K everywhere. They have sleepovers every weekend night. Coach always mentions drinking on twitter, hasn't mentioned K and drinking but it doesn't take a rocket scientist..... Ugh!!!