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Re: Blocked Ear

Hi and thanks for replying, its nice to know that i'm not the only one suffering from this. Its quite disheartening especially when you're lying in bed trying to drift off and instead you're focusing on the noise.

Ive got an appointment with the doctor tomorrow morning, it feel like when i pop my ears the left ear can equalise pressure (the ringing stops) but the right ear doesnt quite get there and the noise lessens but doesnt stop completely.

I still cant work out if the Estachian tubes are blocked or just swollen, in which case i doubt what im doing will clear them. I'm hoping there's some infection or something he can prescribe to reduce any swelling causing them to close up.

I reckon as the last doc said, its the flight coupled with my cold which has caused this.

I also feel for you and the guys on this forum, ive read some interesting threads .

I wish you well too.

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