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Talking Re: Kenalog, More Experience, Changed Opinion

Originally Posted by tubint View Post
Thank you for the follow up on Kenalog...please fill us in if you know any more. Might it just be a problem for hypo-thyroid individuals...or everyone?
Hi, Tubint. Just now saw this from July, and it's now November, sorry. I think it's just hypo-thyroid people who have "Metabolic Drainage" problem, and naturally I'm wondering if we'd also have problems with Avastin, which has sort of replaced "old-fashioned" Kenalog. I talked to an eye doctor yesterday who's new around here, who said Avastin is lots, lots cheaper than still-newer Lucintis. Have you heard anything new about chronic Inflammatory Disease? I'm trying plain old Ibuprofin, very low dose. Looked up possible side effects and some other organs might be affected, it seems. Oh, and I tried a few large doses of odorless garlic pills, which seemed to do more good than antibiotics! Someone said maybe because I also take large doses of cinnamon capsules (600mg) to supplement oral diabetes medications, that garlic, onion, and cinnamon all have antibiotic effect. (Is it okay to mention that CVS has 2000mg odorless garlic, about $8.99, sometimes two for one? If not will someone just delete this? Thx. ) I take a hand full, 10 or more, if I'm really ill.

Now to find how to help someone who's just retireed from Management, does not want to do anything, probably sleeps all day, at house of son who's at work, is awfully depressed. Is there a thread here? I think I've tried calling it "managing" some chore. He must have been dreading this all his life. Was bullied as a child, I think, maybe became a bully. How do they get over it? Caregivers get burned out too, and he may be dreading my losing vision and needing a driver, tho' large fam could take turns. I've bookmarked the Caregivers thread.

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