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Re: Neuropathy Treatment

I agree on the B6 but I am not too worried because I will not take more than the 50mg the neurologist recommended to my brother and I will be on the look out for symptom changes and I will also add the Methylcobalaim you speak so highly of.

As an aside, I thought my worsening foot pain was caused by onions as my pain did get slightly better when I stopped eating them. This was a problem because it is hard to cook a lot of dishes withhout them. I think I shall try to add them again. I wonder if they are a good source of vitamin B6? I will check and let you and Las Vegas Girl know what I find...

Quick internet search shows some B6 but less than 1 mg per 100 gm. It does show considerable content of several minerals.

As I go forward, I will be paying attention to my intake more closely.