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Thanks for responding. I am having a real battle at the moment, I cant seem to get any answers or direction to help turn the tables.

Yes you are right the 4 on TSH is far to high but Au Doc's (as you would know) because it is still in range is OK??

T4 13.4 - Range is 11.0-21.0
T3 4.8 - Range is 3.1-6.1

When I first got diagnosed with Hashi's - both Antibodies were >600 should have been 0 they did all the tests - the ACTH was normal and the cortisol was just over into High range>

As I said earlier my pharmicist said I should be on something other than Thryroxine and you are right in the converting!! not sure which way - I do have brain fog terrible...

Maybe I should have the hormone tests done again?

Thanks Again

Originally Posted by Surfing4answers View Post
Hi namirep, TSH at 4 sounds far too high given you are on 100mcg doesn't it. I found on thyroxine it brought down my TSH really well but my frees didn't change. Not only is your TSH high but your frees are low, you don't give the ranges so not sure how low.

When my thyroxine was increased I became even more tired with huge brain fog. I eventually found a doc. Who did further tests and I had adrenal fatigue which affects absorption but I also had a high Reverse T3 because I was not converting, do you think that is what your pharmacist was saying?

Dr. Martin hill and the Monee health clinic in vic. Seem to prescribe natural thyroid, I know nothing about them I just spent a while googling. I think maybe you could look into the RT3 and natural thyroid which has T3 in it, I have just reached that point so not sure how long it takes to work! But going back in 12mths seems far too long to wait!!,