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Re: Symptoms are what I got...

Hi. I just want to wish you luck with your rheumatology appointment. I saw several, and other "ologists", too. One thing my "good" rheumatologist asked me to do, which I'd never been asked before, was to write in advance my LIFETIME medical history IN MY OWN WORDS. I kept it simple, less than a page, abbreviations & sentence fragments.

I think you pretty much have such a list already = what you just posted! Maybe you could add rough dates, as those could help dr. tell if your symptoms have broadened over time. I did like you did, by symptom, with rough date spans on each, and quick comments on frequency & duration. You could take 2 copies; ideally, if dr. sees you referring to it, he/she will ask for a copy.

I remember my first appt. vividly. after 10+ years, because no dr. had asked me to write my own history (usually I crammed nonsense onto THEIR intake forms, as best i could). And no doctor had demanded a LIFETIME history, which can be especially meaningful (in lupus, for one example). And no doctor was as prepared for me to arrive as this one was: he had his questions lined up, also a list of tests he already knew he wanted to run. In short, it was a textbook approach---and I hope you find your appt. just as logical.

Let us know how you're doing in the meantime & what happens, OK? Wishing you good luck and answers. Sincerely, Vee