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Unhappy Re: Can someone Please Help wiht some answers

Hi Surfing

I had to PUSH to get so treatment i.e. Thyroxine, I have one side of my thyroid that is ammassed with nodules, onle large, but has been FNA and all cleared. I have been on 50mcg, down to 25mcg now up to 100mcg? at least with the 100mcg the sweats have slowed dramatically.

No one seems to want to address the T3 or T4.

I think I do have adrenal fatigue, but no one seems to want to address that either - I don't know if you live in Brisbane now or are back in Melbourne but trying to find someone who specialises in Thyroid and the glands in Melbourne is driving me mad as I can't function properly and most Endo's treat Diabetes patients, to the the extent the other day when I tried to find another specialist they asked first was it Diabetes or thyroid related - As it was Thyroid related they would take me - I heard more about Chadstone Shopping Centre than I did about my condition and what they were going to do. The Doctor was over the moon at my presentation of the medical stuff I had and thought if I gave him enough info first we could get to the point and treatment.

Everything is struggling?

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