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Re: Ana 1:160 speckled and High Muscle Enzymes over 6000

Hi. Based on what I've read & on my own diagnostic ordeal, I believe ANA can elevate in a number of conditions in addition to the two you mentioned. But, unfortunately, ANA alone isn't diagnostic of anything.

On your bloodwork, did your CPK level of 6000 show as elevated? I think CPK can elevate in myositis, possibly dermatomyositis, too. Not sure what else, though (sorry). You could ask.

For sure, drugs and other products can affect susceptible people in unusual ways, so I'd take along a bag of everything you take now, or have taken in the last year or so: that would include prescription drugs, OTC's, and workout products.

I know people who had a milder self-limiting form of lupus called "drug-induced lupus"; also people who got severe muscle pain from prescription cholesterol meds & BP meds---i.e., just got really nasty side effects.

When I was seeking answers, I took as few things as possible, even OTC's, so that my tests would reflect the "real me" as best possible. You could ask the doctor about that, too.

But please take the above with a big grain of salt, as I'm merely a patient! Anyway, let us know how you make out. Wishing you good luck, sincerely, Vee