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Re: A little concerned

Ok, that pretty much helps me live with my descision.

I had a bone scan yesterday and today I had a ENDORECTAL MRI.
Let me just go ahead and say, if they offer this without knocking you out, go ahead and just ask for death. That was what I figure being raped by a Clydesdale would feel like. It's funny now but, it was far from funny at the time.

I would love to hear from a person or two that has the surgery. That is where I am leaning toward now.

In the end my descision comes down to 3 things

1) get this cancer gone. All of them do that
2) not have it come back. That's subjective I think
3) actually be able to continue to operate.

I realize that #3 is typically gone after surgery but does come back more often than not she with some help
From what I have been reading about radiation is that the residual effects of it take it away over time.

I may be completely off base here with that one. I am far from an expert. Lol.