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Re: Neuropathy Treatment

Originally Posted by gpk17042 View Post
You seem to have a good knowledge base concerning Neuropathy and MS.

I just recently heard of the benfotiamine and I went and read about it. If I understand what I read, I believe it elevates your glutathione level and that is the main benefit it seems to have in terms of helping decrease the neuropathy. Again if my understanding is correct it increases levels of glutathione and helps address the neuropathy in the same way your Neurontin does. It might be possible to take less of the Neurontin by using the benfotiamine supplement.

In the paragraph you mention acidophilus, you talk about Neurontin and Lortab possibly having an adverse effect (such as diarrhea?) if taken with too many enzymes. I am not aware of any such connection but since our metabolisms are particularly individual, you may have such a reaction. Such a reaction may also be related to your MS, so it is hard to know the cause.

In terms of anti-inflammatory response, I personally believe the digestive enzymes to be so valuable that I feel you should try to incorporate them if at all possible. I would only make changes slowly, only adding or removing one supplement at a time so as to hopefully see how that supplement helps or hinders your progress. So with respect to digestive enzymes, start out slowly, using a low potency product on a daily or every other day basis. Since you know your body, you will likely be able to determine any benefit that they might provide.

Speaking of supplements, Aussie recommended R. Lipoic Acid, 100 mg one-time daily taken on an empty stomach. Doing a little research on this supplement, it seems to be very helpful in terms of anti-inflammatory response as well. I just ordered the Lipoic Acid and the Benfotiamine this morning. I intend to add them to my regimen and I am hoping for the best, hopefully even better pain relief than I already have from my neuropathy. I will also add the Methyl B12 that you spoke of but I think I will do that after I determine my response to the two new supplements.

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I did take the acidophilus pearls today. I did not know that these help with inflammation. Will start the enzymes tomorrow and will pick up the R-Lipoic acid along with B6.

I have researched some on MS over the years since being dx for ten years but have had it for about 18 years or more. I know nothing about what neuropathy is but did do some research on repairing nerve damage because I thought in the beginning my issues were from my MS. That is where I came across the B1.

This has become a very helpful thread!