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Re: Complications after anal wart removal? Scar tissue in particular.

Originally Posted by NotSoLucky01 View Post
Hey everyone,

Thank You all for replying, its nice to be able to talk to people in my boat.

I agree, hyperchonder. I wish I would've been more informed on the guardisil vaccine being available to men. How bad is the fissure? Are you having muscle spasms in your sphincter, and is it bearable?

Back in August, I did have anal intercourse twice, when out of town, visiting someone very close to me. It was very hard and painful at first, but was able to stretch it out and enjoy it a little more. I did had minor tears in the scar tissue that stung a bit. I had rinsed it under the bathtub faucet after intercourse, and dried it well before I went to bed, and it seemed to help control the pain and stinging quite a bit the next day. (I think the key is to constantly keep the area dry, to prevent moisture breakdown.) They eventually improved a couple days later.

My last follow up appointment was back in September, and there was no signs of reoccurrence. It's been about 9 months since my last reoccurrence. And about a year since my diagnosis. I still have a large amount of scar tissue on my anus, and it's just really bothersome and depressing to look at, not to mention pain every once in a while, due to sensitivity. The doc said that it will get better over time, and expressed that they "burnt the hell out of the tissue, so it will take time to heal," (I had a more severe case of warts, some actually precancerous) :-( He's just glad there's no re-occurance, as am I.

A couple days a week when I work, I also put gauze in my crack to control the moisture, which helps control the pain from moisture breakdown, maybe? It also helps with keeping my anal canal a little less tight, and open it up a bit. Anyway, it helps a lot, but when I don't put in gauze in for a while, the scar tissue seems to get tighter around the hole, and I am concerned that my anal sphincter will become stenosed. I will have to bring that up to my doctor on my follow up appointment.

I've been using a mirror and self rectal finger exams to check for reoccurrence and so far there hasn't been any signs or changes. I have another follow up next month, so I'll keep you guys posted. I'm thankful there hasn't been reoccurrence so far, I just hope there is a way for this scar tissue to go away now too. Maybe I'll give the Vit E oil a shot.
Heya Lucky.

I am actually not having spasms. I am having quite a bit of bleeding however and the fact that it won't heal is a problem. After not healing for months it appears to be getting better and I hope the doctor tells me good news in two weeks.

I know about the scar tissue. It definitely gross to look at. I honestly thought I grew a labia down there (yuck! lol). If you don't like the scar tissue you can always do what I did. I ripped every piece of it off. Get really drunk, sit in a hot bath and just tear away is what I did. The pain really wasn't bad at all and the bleeding for me was very minimal. Now, the only piece of bad scar tissue I have left is very deep inside my rectum (im still working on tearing that off. Doctor says not to but I don't care. I absolutely hate it being there).

Congratuations on not having any reoccurance. I hope both of our fortunes continue this way.

Oh, and the medicine that my doctor has been giving me is Corona lanolin ointment. It is not a prescription and I am so skeptical of it because everything on the internet says this stuff is primarily used on horse hoofs!!! I can't wait to hear what my new doctor says about my condition.