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Re: Post ALIF walking and right leg GAVE OUT!

Hi friends, went and got 3 epidural shots today, joint inflammatory one, one for the scar tissue around the surgery sight and one for the nerve block.. anyone that has had these know that my leg feels like crap and my back just feels a little sore.. they also know tomorrow will be hell when it comes to stiffness!! besides that doing okay, honestly I got sick following the epidurals had to sit at the office for about an extra hour and my leg was numb, I mean fall off bed numb haha.. my original BP after was 88/33 so I was stuck there haha..

Following there I went to Wendy's and got a double baconator with extra bacon still messed up on versed and the lortab I went nom nom nom LoL

as for the daughter, not as good.. She has to go see a kidney specialist tomorrow. We were told by the doc, I will tell you now, I personally am going to make the call for the visit, but the wait is usually 2 weeks. He called back 20 minutes later and said I don't want to worry you but they looked at the test results and they want her in there tomorrow...

SO we see the specialist tomorrow, the doc said they might admit her to flush her kidneys and bladder out but we'll see... Prayers appreciated friends.. I pray to St. Gerard for this his prayer is as follows>>

O Saint Gerard, who, like the Savior, loved children so tenderly and by your prayers freed many from disease and even from death; graciously look down upon the distressed parents who plead with thee for their child’s health if such be the Will, of God. Present their promise to God to bring up the child a good Christian and to guard it by word and example against the fatal leprosy of sin. This favor we implore thee, O sainted Brother, through the tender love with which Jesus and Mary blessed thy own innocent childhood. Amen.

But you can pray to ANYONE that might help out in this awkward time when you know something is really wrong but have no answers.