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Re: Trying suboxone detox with some trouble

Originally Posted by cHeFLuK View Post
We are not together anymore but I know the live we share is deep and real and if I was to get clean, that we could be together again. Even more, I have just reached a point if being tires of this lifestyle, tired of not being able to have what I want, tired of being able to be more in my career than I already am.

So I decided to go to a detox or rehab. But I have no insurance and not enough money to pay for it up front. I'm buying my subs off the street so I don't want to be on them long. What would be a proper way to come off the subs once I stop using on top of them? Please any help would be appreciated
Hello cHeFLuK and welcome.

Have you thought of claiming financial hardship? You can go to your local social services with documents such as 1) Proper photo ID 2) Copies of utility bills and/or any documents that prove both your identity and where you reside.3) A letter from the landlord detailing rental amounts and what utilities(if any) are your responsibility.

Please try to get the necessary help you both need and deserve.
As an added bonus,you still have someone out there who cares about you.
Begin seperating yourself from the people,places and things that you associate with using.

The key here is to keep the focus on yourself and the goal/s that you set for yourself.

It takes effort;true,sincere effort on your behalf to attain the results you seek.

Know that we are here for you.
Please also feel free to peruse the previous threads on this board at your earliest convenience.

I hope this is enough,for starters. If you can imagine being clean,you can make it a tangible reality.

You are always welcome to post as often as you like;you're among caring individuals who can relate.If not in whole then in part.

United we stand stronger than ever. Allow yourself a chance for the miracle to happen.

When in doubt, post it out.