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Re: Things Getting Worse

Hi. I'm pretty much considering the same thing. I have always had allergies to cats, pollen, house dust & mite so I also bought special mattress/duvet & pillowcase covers. I bought a hepa air filter for the house (amazing how much dust it sucks in!). I have no carpets either. But my sinusitis has been ongoing for 6 months now.

I have just gone dairy free (with the exception of a little feta from sheep/goat) but reluctant to go completely gluten free. I know I have an intolerance to white bread, but have always been OK with wholemeal products...but I may have become intolerant to gluten now! In the UK, allergy testing isn't routinely done anymore. I had shots as a kid to desensitize myself to house dust/mite but don't think it worked. I think it doesn't make much difference knowing you are allergic to everything...there is no way of avoiding pollen, tree/fungal spores unless you live in a bubble.

But, I have been allergic all my why the sinusitis now after 40 years???

I haven't any suggestions as I'm still battling to find the cause, the same as you..but eating healthy is probably a good start.