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Re: Does this make sense?

Hi & welcome. I believe ANA of 1:40 is the lowest possible positive value (you could ask), but that ANA alone (including pattern) isn't diagnostic of any one condition, unfortunately. That said, I can understand your wondering about your symptoms, and wanting to feel better sooner rather than later.

Have you seen an endocrinologist? Are you on a med for hypothyroidism? (I ask only b/c doctors of friends with hypothyroidism seem to have waited for substantially changed values before prescribing Synthroid.)

Also, I think hypothyroidism and vitiligo can *both* elevate ANA. Plus, I think hypothyroidism symptoms can overlap substantially with symptoms of other autoimmunes (for example, lupus can cause joint pain, fatigue, palpitations, etc.). Finally, I believe anything in the autoimmune area can evolve SLOWLY in some people. So your rheumatologist might want more time to elapse, hoping that future labs might reveal some "tilt" to one of the multiple possibilities.

I realize above doesn't "answer" anything---not that I could anyway!---but I hope it's food for more thought, for more reading (like those other boards, library books, etc.), and for more posts from you... Main thing is to stay as calm as possible, which I think you're doing. Although you describe yourself as new, you sure sound clear to me, PLUS your doctors are taking you seriously. I hope you post more soon. Bye for now, with my best wishes, Vee