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Re: debating to have lip biopsy...need advice, story and labs inside

Hi thanks for the reply, I keep seeing mixed reviews on th biopsy, some say super painful and lasting numbness others say it was a breeze... on top of everything else I have going on not sure I could deal with permanent lip numbness!

I guess I am trying to decide whether to do it or not considering all the negative relevant labs I've Rhuem said I just dont fit the bill and she has never had any Sjogrens patient not have atleast some sort of marker present (ANA or some sign of inflammation)

I think I'd like to exhaust allother potential Sjogrens tests prior to getting the biopsy, some I've read aboutbut havent had include:

Schirmer Test
Rose Bengal Score
Anti-m3 muscarinic Ab
Ultrasound of salivary glands
Saliva Flow Collection [sialometry] (look at amount and quality)
Stimulated secretion of SM/SL saliva

Any others that I've missed? Given the lack of any lab evidence or any signs of inflammation do you think it would be wise to exhaust these other tests prior to biopsy?

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