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Re: Red lump on foreskin - please help :O

Originally Posted by helpmedudes View Post
Iím sure itís not an STD, so you can exclude that topic.
I'm sorry. That doesn't sound anything like a pimple or cyst. If you are sexually active, it could be a STD. The description sounds like a wart (including the tiny splinter-like growth from it). Warts are caused by HPV, a skin virus. HPV is considered a STD when it affects genital/groin region, but it's possible to have warts anywhere on the body. And they're transmitted through skin contact or even just things skin has touched. For sex, condoms are better protection than nothing, but they're not good protection from skin viruses (like HPV, HSV, MC), and carriers need not be displaying symptoms.

I hope I'm not worrying you without reason, but I would get it checked by a doctor (or at least a clinic) and definitely refrain from sex until then.

IF it is a skin virus, they tend to clear up when the immune system finally overcomes them (though that may take a long time). It may help to be in the best health you can be otherwise (eat well, avoid stress, alcohol, etc.). I believe there are some drugs now too that might help.

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