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Re: Red lump on foreskin - please help :O

Thank you for replying to my post.

My girlfriend doesn't have anything wrong with her. I am her first and she is my first, so there is no way she could've gotten HPV, so I would definitely exclude the STD option, unless you can get it via non-sexual ways.
The thing that really has me concerned is cancer. Does it sound like it? Ė I hope not. The symptoms Iíve read online tell me almost nothing and the pictures (even those of early stages) donít look like what Iíve got, and they were of a stage thatís waaaaaaaay too advanced.
The white splinter thingy was really small (I could only see it through a magnifying glass) and itís gone now. It didnít stick out of the middle of the bump Ė it was somewhere along the bumpís border). There is now only a small dark dot.
The bump seems to be just under the skin rather than growing from it, like a wart does. The pictures (of warts) Iíve seen online donít even resemble the thing I have. Mah bump is smoothÖ (lol)
Penile_Synrigoma_1_070906.jpg (Google it and click on images) is the closest thing to what Iíve got. The difference is, I have only one, and itís on the head.
They look quite similar Ė especially the color and shape. Unfortunately that picture is the only thing I could find about ĎSynrigomaí.
What about other options? I read somewhere that a lot of smegma can be the prelude to c-cer. I washed down there with baby soap Sunday night (to kill any bacteria without damaging the tissue Ė yeah, Iím extra careful now) and on Wednesday morning there was a slight amount of the white chalk-like material again Ė even though I hadnít been sexually active during that time.
Itís embarrassing to say all these things, and it sounds kinda stupid not to just see a doctor, but where I live, youíd try arm-wrestling the Kraken before going to a health institution. Your parents must know youíre going; you have to pay; doctors will lie to you about having a serious illness, just so they squeeze more money out of you for testingÖ it sucks.
So is there anything the bump could be other than an STD? Should I worry about the ĎThe Big Cí?

Again, thank you for your reply, and please tell me what you can.