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Check your MTHFR genes

Those of you with fatigue might want to get tested for the MTHFR gene mutations, if you haven't already. Our 16 year old son was fatigued for well over a year after having mono, and I was wondering if he was going to end up with CFS but then we had him tested for the MTHFR gene mutations and it turns out that even though he only has one copy of the C677T mutation he wasn't able to process enough folate for his body's needs when he had mono and it pulled him into a downward spiral. Taking methyl folate (the activated form of folate that people with this gene mutation have trouble making the enzyme for) has helped him tremendously. Or if you don't get tested you can just try taking the methyl folate for a couple of months. There are two easy to find brands, but you should probably try the one that has the 5 mg dose, that's what my son is taking.

Hope this helps!

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