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Re: Granddaughter 5mos not wanting Milk

I can only speak from experience and am no professional, but my son started doing this around five months. I could not get him to finish a bottle and he is a big boy and eater usually. He went from about 48oz to 24oz. This continued for about a month. Eventually he picked right back up where he started. Anyway, for me, I did not worry. If the baby is eliminating normally (having wet dialers daily and bowel movements) and not overly fussy, I think she is fine. She may just not need as much to fill her belly anymore, especially considering she getting other food. If she becomes very fussy, has other signs of teething, then I may suggest treating that. But for now, I wouldn't. Also if she seems to be having potty problems, call the pediatrician. Otherwise, let her drink and eat what she wants and don't be too concerned.