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Re: does this happen with others?

I have suffered from depression for half my life now. I have seen a CBT, and got prescribe medication. I didnt take the medication because I was of a belief that it isnt a cure.
After serious relapses and struggling with these feelings, I am now considering taking medication, I dont want to, but I cannot continue feeling the way I do.
Like youself, my depression was mild, but it has got worse over the years, to the point (like yourself), feeling anxious and wanting to smash my fist through a window. I am tired all the time and cannot sleep, no motivation.
I wonder if once you ever suffer from depression does it go away?? I dont know, is the answer to that.
I want to get better, I will keep trying whatever I can, I've done meditation, exercise, diet, self help books etc. My last hope unfortunately is going to have to be medication.
Stick at getting better though, I am, and will keep on keeping on.
Big hugs


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