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Good Morning JPMyra,

I am concerned that you have similar symptoms as I have had for several years. Could you tell me what medication you are starting on soon? For a long time, I strongly thought that I had MS and did not know enough about Parkinson's Disease to know what my symptoms were really about. Finally, a visit to my sister, whom I had not seen in about a year, revealed something she noticed that was very different in my facial expression. When she commented on my 'zoning out look on my face' she said "what is wrong with you-are you zoning out or not listening to our conversation?" That was the turning point that confirmed my own growing suspicions. That night I looked to the web to find more info about PD. I went to my doctor and asked about this-could I have PD? She said no because I was too young. We argued about this and I told her I have a very strong feeling about this and she then gave me samples of Mirapex in different strengths and told me how to take this and increase gradually. After the strength increased over the next couple weeks, I felt like I had a new body!!! So many years of doctors thinking this was all in my head and not taking me seriously.
So, what do you think about this-please look into Parkinson's and I will be looking forward to hearing from you asap. Have a blessed day