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Re: MS/HypoThyroid

I am going to be still on my armour thyroid medication its just that my doctors dont seem to understand hypothyroidism so they will only prescribe synthroid which is a T4 only med and it is regulated by doctors and pharmacies so they all make a pretty penny. With Natural Dessicated Tyroid Medication which has all the T's in in you dont need these people so they dont make anymoney and therefore want you on synthroid so we have to self medicate.

I will look into PD and get back to you. What is really making me reconsider this Thyroid disease is this 'two stepping.' And how it has really gotten worse over a short period of time. I also read this morning that if you have hypo or lupus the chances of MS can occur. So I guess I need to check in this....Thank you, Myra