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Re: Fentanyl Withdrawal/Pain Pump-Removal

Dear iginfl, "This MORNING I really, really looked into your MRI report. Imho the mentioned sequela, a consequence of the CSF leak,caused by the CSF leak, and left over by the CSF leak and needs to be checked to see if it is an abcsess, by looking at how your doing currently, which is no fever but its suggesting that you be checked for an abcess by culturing fluid out of left over consequence, the superficial pocket & it seems like the radiologist with the word sequela is suggesting it is left over, left behind after surgery to repair the leak. Of course, i would get a neurosurgeon to look & see if continuing to leak. Yes, communication possible when you get/or fix your capability to exchange info with me but not on the threads or board. Ok?Keep posting because your absence from the board is worrisome @ this point considering the urgency of your condition. I hope and pray that all is stable for now! I know how it feels to go thru this & it freaks me out too, but i really do think that report means left over, imo. So sorry, but it will be ok, it HAS to! Right, friend? gmak

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