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my daughters immune problems, long story

Ok I had my daughter 3 weeks early in 2006. She was born jaundice. Then she developed colic very soon afterwards, even with breastfeeding. They put her on levsin drops. At about 6 months old, as I started to wean her from breastfeeding, she started having allergy symptoms, and upper respiratory problems. So they suggested I go back to bf fulltime. So I did, has had various upper resp off and on, but finally at almost 6 I had to wean her from bf. As soon as I did all heck broke loose. SHe started having ear infections, sinus infections, throat infections. SHe has been on every antibiotic you can name. Finally, only after years of this. I had her referred to ent. She had her tonsils removed, adenoids removed, turbinates shaved. Helped with the drainage, but still was having infections. So she had another bout of upper resp infe. They put her on augmentin, then she got cdff, for almost 3 months was sick. Finally got her over that, but in the meantime of having cdiff, still getting upper resp infe. They about month ago had long tubes put in. SHe declared she can finally hear very well now. Still to no end upper resp infections. They finally referred me to an allergist/immunologist. She will be 7 years old in a month. She has suffered since she was a baby. The allergist/immunologist found that she is highly allergic to cats, and alternaria mold, as well as every other mold known to man kind. They took 4 vials of blood, did a urine sample and stool sample. Took a CT scan of her sinus, and an xray of her chest. We are having a cystic fibrosis sweat test done on monday. Well the allergist/immu office called said, it shows a sinus infection, but to wait til her appt with her ENT on monday to do a culture as to if its fungal/bacterial. Since now she cant take antibiotics without taking flagyl. Havent heard anything back on her blood work panels yet. Very scared, and just wanting to know if there is anyother mommys out there crying or upset over similar things Im going through. Ive mold proofed my house about a year ago, when they did the blood panel to find what basic allergies she had. Please help, just need a shoulder. Just wanting to know what I can expect. Many hugs, gal..

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