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Re: Glans and foreskin red patches

Originally Posted by william1986 View Post
can this still be a yeast infection without the itching? If not what else could be causing this?
Yes, it sure can be. You might find cranberry helps fight this sort of infection (along with mild UTIs). Cranberry might be good advise for your girlfriend too.

If your foreskin isn't too tight, you might find keeping your foreskin retracted for some time helps. It desensitizes the penis a little bit (reversibly), but it's great for fighting fungal infections to dry out the affected area. In fact, just keeping it dry might be enough to kill yeast.

I like using Neutrogena T/Gel (medicated dandruff shampoo) as a liquid soap. It's quite strongly anti-fungal and very drying. You might find it helps. (It doesn't irritate my glans, but my skin's not particularly sensitive.) If it's too irritating for your glans, it will at least be the best pubis/scrotum soap you've ever tried. (It's a pretty good shampoo too IMHO.)