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Re: Drastic Monthly Cycle changes?

Originally Posted by yrsofpainsucks View Post
SOOOO many things can throw off your cycle. your body chemicals and hormones are always changing. I will tell you my experience and hope it helps a little. Everytime I am put into a situation that involves being around different women for long periods of time (ie job change) my period always switches to theirs. For example, I was working around the same group of women and within a month Girl A, would start. The next day I would and then like dominos the rest of the group would start.

Fast forward, I have a new job I know that this is coming. I have an IUD but still get scared I am pregnant. So a few weeks pass and my co-worker starts. The very next day I start. There are 4 of us very close and we all start within three days of each other. Now here comes the weird part. So I have my normal period whatever it sucks and we move on. exactly 2 weeks to the day I stop, I start again. Only this time it is very light and lasts 2 days. Guess what?? There is another woman in the office that works apart from the group but I am around her more than the others. Huh, right?

I asked my doc if it was normal for me to have pretty much 2 periods and explained the whole thing. You know what he tells me> Yup. Since I am not on a BC that regulates when my periods are supposed to be and my body clearly syncs around others this is totally normal. My solution is to go on the pill. There is a reason I have an IUD not the pill. And this is something many have issues with admitting but I am honest and dont care. I cannot, I mean absolutley cannot, remember a pill everyday.

But here is my advice. since you said that you were sexually active, it wouldnt be a bad idea to look into some bc method. The pill would probably regulate it more but that isnt your only option. Talk to your doc about it all. I was having issue when I started the pill and told the doc-i cant remember this stupid thing can ya help me out here? And he went over many things and we both agreed that the 7 year IUD would be the best. Having an open and honest relationship with your gyno can make your life soooo much better.

Thanks, that actually did help. I wasn't aware that bc could regulate your period. Again, thanks a lot. I'm defiently gonna take your advice