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Re: Question about vitrectomy surgery then cataract surgery in same eye

Hi Eyemar,

Been 11 months since cataract removal due to victrecomy. I never got an understandable explanation as to why the new lens that was inserted in the victrecomy eye operates long distance when my left eye (good eye) operates near sighted. The doctor said he caliberated exactly what I needed. It took a while before my brain synchronized the two eyes but it did do it. I have to have a cataract removed from the good eye in the future so I guess I must get a far sighted lens to match the other eye. The new lens currently in the victrecomy eye has shooting lights coming out of it for night driving and since it has been 11 months the healing is done and this is what I have. I understand in some patients that light refraction occurs in the new lens. The doctor told me that I had “cataract surgery on a victrecomy surgery eye” so you don’t know sometimes what you get. Just make sure that your victrecomy has healed completely and that you have a surgeon for the cataract surgery who has done cataract work on a victrecomy eye – I understand not all eye doctors have that experience. As far as seeing, I'm doing well with the exception of reading my computer screen – it’s blurred and harder to read so I’m headed to my eyedoctor when I save enough $$$ for computer glasses. I can't read labels in grocery stores, or if shopping for clothes, can't read price tags without pulling closer to my eyes. For your cataract surgery, consultation with your doctor and both of you understanding what is to be done, will get you the right lens. I think in my case there was a miscommunication between me and my doctor, or I just didn’t understand what he was doing in regard to choice of lens. I gave up trying to figure out what happened. I’m focused on instead of being thankful and truly blessed to have eyesight allowing me to function daily.